Rental properties management, simplified.

Now available to the general public ! 

Immotion aims to support small and medium-sized real estate investors by allowing them to track their properties without the hassle of complex software or electronic spreadsheets. Immotion meets your essential management needs with simplicity.



A simple way to manage your real estate portfolio


Keep track of activities

Manage a register of your properties, rental units, income and expenses related to each asset.


Follow up on operations

Keep a copy of your leases electronically, track payments received and to come, communicate with tenants.


Produce useful data

Quickly generate income and expense reports for your accounting.



Receive dynamic statistics on the financial health of your properties.

More than a management tool

We work with the aim of making the life of owner investors easier. This vision is reflected in our desire to continuously improve our offer by adapting it to the demands of our users. Immotion is therefore a constantly moving solution (hence the choice of the name, honestly). 

Pricing that's simple and honest


  • Unlimited* access to all real estate portfolio management features.
  •  Data Import/Export
  •  Tenant portal
  • Calculator
  •  7-days technical support
  •  Upcoming new features

Income and expense reports

Whether for a particular unit, a building, or the entire fleet, simply select a period and export in your accountant's favorite format!

Internal messaging

Centralize your communications in one place and get a read receipt once the message has been viewed by the recipient.

Tenant portal

Consultation of the electronic lease, visualization of payments made and to come, and use of internal messaging.

Dynamic statistics

Get useful real-time statistics that summarize the status of your registered assets on the platform.

Profitability Calculator

A new project in sight? Let our calculator help you assess your potential investment.

Prospecting tool

Under development, this tool will facilitate your search for properties on the market, as well as the evaluation of their economic potential.

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